Rheem’s range of electric hot water tanks cover all of your hot water needs.

From the smallest office small to the largest of houses in varying capacities of 25 L – 400 L.

What are the differences;


  • This is Rheem’s base model of the storage tanks, in sizes from 25 L -400 L.
  • They are made from a commercial grade vitreous enamel steel
  • They come with a 7 year warranty on sizes 25 L- 160 L on the cylinder and a 12 year warranty on the 250 L -400 L.
  • They are all dual handed (except 25 L)
  • Most are also available in a twin element model


  • These heaters are made of stainless steel and come in sizes from 50 L – 315 L.
  • They are up 24% more energy efficient than the standard Rheemglas model and up to 42% lighter.
  • Most are also available in a twin element model
  • They are all dual handed
  • All come with a 12 year cylinder warranty.

Choose Your Hot Water Type:

Rheemglas Electric Hot Water

Rheem Rheemglas

The classic Rheem electric water heater now with up 12 years warranty on the cylinder. Available in sizes 25 L- 400 L. There is an option for every family

Electric Stainless Steel

Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel

Rheem’s Stellar electric stainless steel tank delivers up to 24% better energy efficiency than the rheemglas model. It’s stainless steel cylinder and fitting resist corrosion for longer.
They are available in sizes 50 L -315 L


Electric Continuous Flow

Using 3 phase electricity, these heaters are perfect for delivering hot water in units

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