Stellar Electric Stainless Steel

The Stellar is Rheem's most prestigious brand of hot water system and is the benchmark against which all other heaters are measured in terms of performance and durability.

  • These heaters are made of stainless steel and come in sizes from 50 L - 315 L.
  • They are up 24% more energy efficient than the standard Rheemglas model and up to 42% lighter.
  • Most are also available in a twin element model
  • They are all dual handed
  • They do not have an anode, saving you on maintenance costs
  • All come with a 12 year cylinder warranty.

Rheem Model Numbers:

  • 50 L Model No: 4A1050
  • 80 L Model No: 4A1080
  • 125 L Model No: 4A1125
  • 160 L Model No: 4A1160
  • 250 L Model No: 4A1250 (Single element) 4A2250 (Twin element)
  • 315 L Model No: 4A1315 (Single element) 4A2315 (Twin element)
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